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Thanks for visiting LebanonGallery !

I visited Lebanon for the first time in 1996 as part of an organized tour through Syria, Jordan and of course  Lebanon. At the time, Lebanon was still more or less an unusual destination for travellers and I didn\’t really know what to expect. The western press only seems to report about the country in case something bad has happened and leaves out any other info. My first visit was just a 3-day visit so in 1998 I visited Lebanon again for 2 weeks which was one of my most memorable trips ever.

In my opinion, it\’s really a pity that not more people visit Lebanon. Why hang around in Spain if the Lebanese weather is better ?  Why go to Turkey if the Lebanese food beats Turkish food ?  Why go to Greece when the Acropolis is smaller than the Temple of Bachus ?  Why waste your money in France if you can get around with less in Lebanon ?  Even the local beer is good so you can skip Germany as well.

Thinking of all these things above, I thought it would be a nice idea to share my collection of Lebanon-pics with others so that they can get an impression of what the country is like.

For those of you who think that Lebanon is a dangerous place; Beirut is safer than Amsterdam, Paris, London, Berlin or any other big city so do yourself a favour and visit Lebanon !

Have fun !,

Roel Loen

The Hague, The Netherlands


Posted in Geen categorie on oktober 6th, 2010 by admin